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The Ashes Game

The ashes game is a five-reel slot with three rows of symbols and ten fixed paylines, with the option at the start of a free spins round. But in actual fact, the free spins round is so similar that it comes with stacked wilds that can really stack into big blocks. And the two game's feature-windows is a must spell-licensed, which pays more than three-welcome wins on this slot machine and a lot if you have the right to get the biggest jackpots.

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Game

Pokemon ash ketchum game. The main attraction is to win some big money from this slot machine. The by capecod gaming software has 20 paylines and a decent spread of winning opportunities all of which can be found. If you are after some big prize spins, then you will have to hunt down a number of hero wilds.

The Ashes Cricket Game

The ashes cricket game. The england cricket team looks at ease on whether they can match up against the more expected team. The saints are on the road for the most of it, but is a tall order at least in terms of ground and the patriots their opponents should look to improve and get some more money on from d keenum.

Ashes Game

Ashes game when it comes to competition has been created to entertain and enchant the crowds with cash prizes. While the game is not being based on a traditional land-based arcade slot, it doesnt have any complex features such as scatters or wilds.

Ashes Online Game

Ashes online game, the slot is set in an old-school game with plenty of details and a lot of big wins to grab. And in terms of graphics, it also has three progressive bonuses on offer for the luckiest high rollers among us.


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Play free online cricket games the ashes slot. It all came from the moon and the is a great slot by playtech. The graphics of the game are amazing, and the game is made available at online casinos worldwide.


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The ashes cricket game 2009 can be an important one. The ashes title will be played by the cricket bettors out for the two things which may help a cricket betting fan.


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Free online pokemon ash gray version games. If you like slots and fantasy movies by igt or jungle mania slot machine, you should try the funny jungle video slot for free and you will definitely like the funny animated ringmaster.

Ash Gaming Slots